Privacy policy DailyOdds website, version June 2017

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In this privacy policy we explain how DailyOdds uses the information that you share with us and the information we collect from our users. protects your privacy. If we ask for certain information that could identify you, we will only use this information according to the privacy policy. Our policy could change, but if this happens we will inform our users through our website and if possible we will notify you by email.

What we collect
We can collect the following data:

  • Your name.
  • Your contact info, e.g. email adress.
  • Other information that is actively shared with us, or we can take from the use of the website, e.g. preference for a certain club or competition.


What can we do with the information we collect?
We need this information to understand your needs and improve our services, especially:

  • We can use the information to customize our website dynamically to your needs.
  • We can send promotional emails and other messages about new products, special offers and other information that could be interesting for you.
  • We can use information to contact you for market surveys.


We are dedicated to keep your information secure. To prevail unauthorised access or we have implemented physical, electronic and organisational procedures to protect the collected information.

How do we use cookies
We use cookies (small files that are placed on your computer) to track your use of the website: what pages are you visiting, how often and how long. We also use cookies to remember your log in information if you provided these. You can turn off the use of cookies, but it is possible that some website functionalities are not working correctly.

We also use Google Analytics to collect information for statistical analysis. This service also uses cookies and has its own privacy policy:

If you would like to know what information we exactly use, or you suspect that we use false or incomplete data, you can send a request for inspection or correction to