Can I work for DailyOdds?

At DailyOdds we are always open for new experts. The more you know, the more power you have. Do  you have knowledge of betting on football/soccer? Please send an email to include your resumé and you might become our new team member.

Is DailyOdds also active on Social Media?

DailyOdds is active on Social Media. We sometimes have unique promotions here. We also place useful information about betting on soccer here. Do you want to be informed of our news and promotions 24 hours a day? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

Can DailyOdds help in conflicts for me with bookmakers?

At DailyOdds we have a good and direct relationship with our partners. However, we do not interfere in conflicts between our visitors and bookmakers. When you need help you can contact the helpdesk of the bookmaker in question or you can start a topic in our forum, where help can be provided by others. To choose a bookmaker, you can look for our extensive bookmaker reviews at our bonus page.

Is the Tip game accessible to everyone?

DailyOdds has created a Tip game for her community in which you can win real money. With the Tip game and competing in the league ranking you get insight in your own expertise as well as the expertise of others, which allows you to benefit from each other while placing real bets. The Tip game is accessible for everyone after registration. You can visit the Tip game page for all the rules and conditions.

Which use does the preview have for me?

De previews at Dailyodds are focused on specific information that could influence the matches. No unnecessary long texts, but purposeful facts, matchfacts and statistics. Based on these components, our writers come up with a forecast combined with some betting tips. This gives a good insight in the possibilities during a specific match. We are very experienced with betting on soccer.  There is the possibility to respond with other or new insights about a specific match. In that way you take part in a community that brings the best bets together.

How do I find a profitable bet when betting on soccer?

Betting on an outcome that proves to be good does not have to be a profitable bet in the long run. It is about whether the odd you got was high in the long run with the bookmakers. Was the odd they gave for a victory too small, or were you lucky this time? The best way to assess your chances is by reading as much as possible about it before the match. Thats why, we at DailyOdds, show you previews and statistics about all the matches. Scores a team a lot or just a little? Are they in shape or not? Are they strong in home matches or as visitors?  Did they play a European match during the midweek? Who is injured? What is the weather going to be? Do they play on artificial turf? These are all questions that need to be taken into account. Thanks to our bookmaker comparitor you will always find the best odds. Because of this, you always know where to find the best odds for your bet. It can make a difference in profitable betting or losing when betting on soccer in the long run.

Some matches have a payout above 100% because of a combination of bookmakers. This is called a Surebet. You read about it more in our strategy section. We displayed them on our home page for our visitors.  Sometimes bookmakers are so divided about the outcome, that the odds also differ greatly. This increases the change that someone did not estimated the chances well. We displayed them also under Hot Odds.  With all this information and an active community, where knowledge comes together, we make DailyOdds the place to be to prepare your bets and beat the bookmakers.

What is the best bookmaker?

We cannot answer that question for you. Everyone looks for something else in a bookmaker and therefore has his/her own preference. We advice you to try out several bookmakers. As an advantage you can seek out the best odds between several bookmakers. To make the choice easier, we have published extensive reviews of our partners at our bonus page. Use it in your advantage and grab a nice bonus immediately.

Are the odds Real Time?

The odds that are available at DailyOdds are compared and refreshed all day long. They are most of the time up-to-date, but there might be differences due to delay of the received odds from bookmakers. Odds that have shifted are indicated with a red or green arrow next to the odd.

How can I place a tip?

Placing a tip is very easy. When you are logged in you can compare all odds of Europe’s biggest club leagues or international matches at the Home or Odd comparison page. When you click on an odd of the outcome, a pop-up appears where you can add the match to your betslip or you can tip. When you tip the outcome becomes green. When adding it to a betslip it becomes red.  You can find all your open and played tips in your profile. When clicking on a match you get multiple options to place a bet like the Handicap, Double Chance, Scoring Both and the over and unders for the number of goals.

Can I remove a tip?

When you placed a tip you cannot remove it. When you expect another outcome, you can play against it to reduce the expected loss in your Tip game score. You can find all your played tips in your profile.