Who is the best soccerplayer in the world? With the unique DailyOdds tip game we are going to answer that question! Proof your knowledge by sharing bettips in the largest betting community in The Netherlands. Challenge your friends and show who the best player is. Each week you have chance to win €250 in cash prizes!

Beat your friends!

Win €250 in cash prizes every week!

Follow other experts & increase your profit!

View your performance and get eternal fame in all rankings!

With the Tip game you get insight in your own betting tips and those of your friends. Are you really the expert you thought you were, or do your friends score better in the general ranking? Challenge your friends and show them you are the best.

Win €250 playing money every week!

Betters who share good tips with the DailyOdds- community earn a reward! That is why we give away €250 every week to the Top 3 in the weekly ranking.

Follow other experts & increase your profit!

With the unique Tip game you can see at a glance how you score per league, but you can also see how other participants score! Follow people who win in unfamiliar leagues where you miss that bit of expertise. Do you always perform well in the Eredivisie, but do you miss the knowledge in Serie A? Then follow a Serie A expert and use his/her tips in the Tip game and with your bookmaker.

Benefit from the knowledge of the DailyOdds- community and increase your own profits! Together we can beat the bookmakers!

Own performance & rankings

You can find your own performance in your profile. What is your total score so far? Are you a profitable or a losing tipper? See what betting tips were right or wrong and which ones are still running. CLICK HERE to view your profile!

On the Ranking page of the Tip game you can also see how you score in the different leagues! You can see your own scores as well as the scores of the other participants. Select your score week, month, quarter or year for every major league. And do not forget that we give away €250 every week in the general ranking.


How do you play?

Follow these steps and show your betting knowledge instantly!

1. Create an account on DailyOdds: HERE!

2. Place your tips!

- Next to all odds on the website you see a plus sign:

By clicking on it, you will see the following screen. Here you can determine your betting tip and place it!

3. Tipping through the odds comparator

Through our odds comparator you can find the bets you want to tip on: CLICK HERE! You can study  all leagues at ease and place your betting tips!

4. Tipping through the Tip game- page in 4 steps!

- Go to the Home page of the Tip game: HERE!

- Click the blue button ‘PLACE A TIP’.

- Now you can look for the team you want to tip on!  See the image below, where we have searched for ‘Barcelona’.

Select the match you were looking for and choose the betting tips you wanted to place on the page below!

Betting types

You can tip on 6 kinds of bets in the Tip game! Per match you can choose from;

- 1X2

- Over or under number of goals

- Both the teams score or don’t score

- Double Chance

- Asian Handicap

- Even or odd number of goals

For more information about these best you can go to our terminology list.